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Business Consultancy

Business consulting is about being able to look at a problem and opportunity in a non-static way and see it dynamically. It is to analyze in an integrative way; to understand how the problem or the opportunity, the challenge or the issue, interrelates with other factors and to be able to, from experience, council, advise, and direct the business owner to take better actions and make better decisions that will produce a greater outcome for the time and effort.

Business consulting in its purest sense is the ability to magnetize a business owner, entrepreneur, professional, mature or startup business to areas of critical performance based on meaningful, experienced, and documented understanding of the issue. Those critical areas can be marketing strategy, competitive advantage, business model etc.

We guide you on :

Develop corporate strategy in line to Emerging market & growth strategies, Business planning, Corporate health analysis and Business model reengineering.

Conduct Research Analytics , such as , data analytics, market research, Industry and sector research, market intelligence & customer satisfaction.

Marketing and brand consulting, such as, brand development, media analysis, marketing and communication plans, advertising and brand health and progress analytics.

Develop customer and Market Strategy covering market entry, channel management, customer expertise, Sales force efficiency and effectiveness and mystery shopping.

Human Capital Advisory, such as , Job and role design, performance evaluations and rewards , staffing and organizational transitions, employee engagement survey and organization governance.

Financial Management & Accounting Services

Today's businesses need to act quickly and decisively to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their finance functions. As such, need to align the finance function with their company's strategy to manage through the expected recovery by creating a more flexible, cost efficient finance organization.

Many finance organizations are comprised of inefficient, manually intensive processes, disparate systems and data structures that are not integrated.

We guide you on :

Align your Finance organization structure and processes with the business strategy

Gain insight into the relative performance of your finance function as compared to your peers and identify performance gaps

Reduce the cost of your Finance function

Align Finance skills and responsibilities to stakeholder needs

Minimize non-value add activities to improve focus on business analysis and support

Eliminate and/or simplify complex structures, processes and technology

Standardize and integrate systems and leverage enabling technologies in corporate performance management

Adopt a performance scorecard linked to value drivers and tied to staff accountability and compensation programs

Realize synergies from the management of legal entities

Improve the operational performance of your tax function

Leverage shared services to deliver routine, high volume transaction processing with economies of scale and analyze outsourcing solutions

Incorporate change management activities into every phase of a transformation program

Accounting Services :

Assistance in the initial setting up and designing the full set of accounting books and records (chart of accounts, accounting policy, software etc)

Compilation of management accounts

Annual audit assistance (not as auditor, but a role of providing audit required documents and support)

Accounting review and advisory services

Issuance of VAT, SVAT, Non VAT invoices

Co-sourcing services (working with the client's team in order to complete a series of tasks)

Account review and re-organization for pre-initial public offering (IPO) or initiating negotiation

Monthly accounting and book-keeping services on regular basis & on in terms of any liquidation

Preparation of annual financial statements

Compliance with routine Income Tax and Sales tax matters

Accounting reconciliation service (e.g mapping between global and local financial systems, intercompany Account Payable / Account Receivable reconciliation)

Secondment services (e.g Finance Manager, Accountant, Accounts Assistant, Cashier)

Cash Management services (e.g Account Receivable collection control, Account payable management)

Corporate Performance Management

Our Corporate Performance Management (CPM) capabilities can guide you to develop an integrated approach that links strategies, metrics, financial planning and reporting with ongoing operational reporting and execution to customers' satisfaction.

We guide you on :

Develop metrics and measures aligned with organizational strategies

Improve budget cycle time and forecast accuracy

Implement cash flow forecasting capabilities

Automate management and financial reporting processes

Develop rewards programs aligned with strategic performance measures

Align planning, reporting and business intelligence processes, data, and systems

Implement leading CPM systems leveraging Oracle Hyperion and SAP solutions

Develop management dashboards and scorecards

Deploy rolling forecasts and driver based planning concepts

Integrate CPM solutions with leading tax software and tools

Finance Shared Services & Outsourcing Consulting

The appeal of outsourcing accounting functions is stronger than ever because it allows clients to focus on their core business. Managing in-house accounting can take up considerable amount of time and energy, which our clients can better make use of in growing their business.

We specialize in offering professional accounting services in creating an environment of operational excellence by consolidating the redundant processes of a decentralized finance function to reduce costs, enhance productivity, increase quality and improve consistency and reliability.

We are backed by a team of qualified professionals who have immense experience in the field of accounts outsourcing services. Our team is well updated of the accounting rules and regulations and offers accounting advisory services to our clients for their betterment and makes sure that every venture is at success.

Our main aim is to reduce the overall cost, improve and automate the accounting process and enhance the turnaround time while assuring quality service. We deliver the best accountancy outsourcing services to our clients and ensure high level of customer satisfaction.

We guide you on :

Define a sourcing model that will meet both business and finance objectives

Create leading business processes

Build and document the business case that defines the value/rewards and potential risks in identified outsourcing and/or shared services models

Deliver the planned business case results through effective change, talent and transition management

Operate an environment that incentivizes and embeds the value of the partnership (internally or with a third party)

Achieve improved efficiencies and economies of scale while providing a high level of service and spending more time on higher value-added tasks

Sustain success through proper governance and continuous improvement

Maximize the return on technology investments by expanding the footprint of leading applications

Our accounts outsourcing services offer the following benefits to our clients :

Up to 60 per cent reduction in back-office accounting costs.

Smooth functioning of everyday day operations.

Better focus on generating revenue and expanding business activities.

Spend less time hiring, training and managing an accounts department.

Our experience adds value to our client's business from the very beginning as we :

Invest in training a highly qualified team

Keep our client's information confidential

Clearly define rules of engagement and logistics

Offer an efficient and prompt service

Ensure that our team is updated with the latest accounting rules, regulations and accounting software

Frequently as for feedback on our services and mold ourselves to match the expectations of our clients

Set strict deadlines for timely deliveries

Finance Organization and People

We can help you design and implement a finance organization structure that is efficient and responsive to the needs of your business. We can help you align skills and competencies to the needs of the finance function and create clarity around finance department roles and responsibilities. In today's business environment, new skills and abilities are needed to meet the demands being placed on the finance organization.

We guide you on :

Define departmental roles and responsibilities

Identify the root cause of organizational obstacles

Improve internal "customer satisfaction"

Evaluate finance function talent and skills relative to the requirements of the business

Minimize complexity and maximize employee impact

Enhance employee engagement and retention

Align incentives to performance goals

Map career path and succession planning

Improve span of control and accountability in the finance organization

Finance Function Systems and Applications
Every Company can reduce their finance "cost to serve" by 25% to 35% through innovations and improvements in their business processes, supported by changes in the applications that support them. Now, more than ever, software vendor consolidation, such as SAP and Oracle, is enabling companies to more seamlessly integrate business applications to execute transactions, comply with regulations, perform business analysis and plan for the future.

As CEO/CFOs seek to create more efficient and effective finance functions to deal with a difficult business environment, it is more important than ever that they are optimizing their investment in ERP technologies such as Oracle or SAP especially when they undertake upgrades or new implementations.

Today's finance applications must be able to deliver more timely information that supports decision making critical to managing through the downturn and the anticipated recovery. CFOs should have an integrated financial application platform that maximizes automation, standardizes financial processes, enhances data quality and improves control at a reasonable cost.

We guide you on leveraging your ERP system to :

Reduce organizational costs, improve operational efficiency and strengthen system driven processes and controls

Promote greater consistency in policies, processes, data structure, organizational roles and responsibilities, and application configurations across the business

Leverage ERP, workflow and reporting tools to simplify and expedite the closing process

Embed a formal process for the finance organization to establish forward-looking aspirational performance levels (e.g. annual planning process)

Enable the means to evaluate performance against expectations and the discipline to hold people accountable for results

Shift staff focus from transaction-oriented processes to value-added activities

Streamline operational tasks to ensure the validity of data

Drive improvement programs (e.g. system application upgrades) through business functions with information technology as the enabler

Leverage compliance efforts into process improvement opportunities

Risk and Capital Management
In today's challenging business environment, companies continue to seek ways to achieve profitable growth. In support of this, finance and treasury organizations need to ensure adequate access to liquidity, efficient deployment of capital and effective management of financial risks.

At many companies, these objectives are challenged by restricted access to capital, volatile financial markets, poor visibility into future business performance, inefficient use of cash and working capital and limited internal resources.

We guide you on :

Achieve greater visibility into liquidity needs through more robust cash forecasting

Better manage financial risks including foreign currency, interest rate, commodity price and credit

Improve bank relationship management and manage counterparty credit exposures

Extract more cash from the business through improvements to receivables, payables and inventory cycles:

Receivables Management - reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and accelerate incoming cash

Payables Management - increase Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and optimize cash to suppliers and vendors

Inventory Cycles – Maintain the least amount of inventory necessary to provide the highest level of customer service

Appropriately balance risk and return when investing excess cash resources

Reduce operating costs within your treasury function by better leveraging human capital, technology solutions and bank services

Enhance management decision making by better access to risk information

Improve risk-adjusted returns across the asset portfolio through improved performance management.